Savannah, Georgia

A week or two ago we spent a few days in Savannah, Georgia.  Its historic district is compact, easy to walk and well worth getting lost in.   I was trying to seriously photograph the essence of the city and its history.  We had been there before but been rushed and had other commitments, so this time, it was just photography.  Well, we flew in late in the evening, got to the hotel, and flopped in bed.  Spent the next day scouting… and the next, and…well, just ran out of time…  As for the “essence” of the city – we were way over ambitious, even silly to think you could understand a city in two days…  Below is a photo of a man reading in Forsyth Park with a fountain in the background.


It is about as close as I came to understanding Savannah.  It is a city filled with historic buildings, monuments, parks and art but at the same time; it is a real honest working city, filled with people working, kids going to school, dump trucks, warts, churches and the homeless.  Buildings constructed in the 1700’s being used as offices, Victorian homes being lived in by families and romantic strolling going on in 300 year old parks. 

Millions of people come to this city to see the sites but the city didn’t go to the suburbs – it stayed put and lets the tourists watch.  

I will put up a gallery of the Savannah pictures - just wish we had more time