New Website

I moved to SquareSpace from my old site host. It has been a bit of a challenge to learn how to set this up and get it to work. I still expect to have some more problems but, so far, I am much happier with the whole experience here. I have put in two photo galleries, each with it’s own theme, and this place for my random comments and, or the picture of the day. Hopefully I will do a good job of rotating pictures thru the galleries and make some interesting posts -

So, on my way home from Portland, Oregon a couple of days ago, went through Warms Springs, crossed the Deschutes river bridge, almost home, and it was just too pretty not to stop, no matter how much I wanted to get home, I had to stop and take a picture. There is a reason we live here with the wind and the cold and the dry and the lack of fancy things…. It’s just a danged pretty place


Deschutes River

Just South of the Warm Springs bridge looking South at sunset with the Vernora Rim in the distance