New Gallery - Steens Mountains

We were lucky enough to travel to the Steens early in October and had both a couple of inches of snow at the upper elevations and the deciduous trees changing to their fall colors. We were blown away by the huge scale of the mountains, the depth of the gorges and just how steep everything was. I have to admit when we got to the base of the mountains and could see the road cut in the side of the cliffs I may of had a moment of “are we really going to go up there” but oh, the views when you get there. It turns into “stop, stop, lets get out, oh my gosh… look at this”. What a place, we thoroughly enjoyed it all. But when we got back home and I looked at the pictures in the computer I was really disappointed, they were good, even great pictures but there is just no way an image on a computer screen could compare to the still fresh images in my head…. of actually being there. It is so hard to show the huge scale and grandeur of the place, let alone, the feel of the icy wind on the East Rim, the quiet peacefulness of the Fish Creek Valley or the stark ruggedness of the desert….if you get a chance, it is well worth the trip. Click on “Steens Mountains - 2019”, in the top menu to see the photos.