Jack Creek Flora and Fauna

A sampling of photos from a camping trip to Jack Creek - near Camp Sherman, Oregon

Spring Flowers

After a long and snowy winter we all look forward to the flowers that bring color and life to our yards and gardens. This year was no exception with the flowers seeming to jump out of the ground after the snow finally left. Carol Fuller (a Cousin who lived across the road) asked if Mary Ramsey’s Iris bulbs were still in the ground and alive. My answer was: Of Course, why wouldn’t they be? Mary Ramsey is my wife’s mom and we are now living in my wife’s parents house (where she grew up). But the question made me think, for the first time, that even though Mary is gone - every spring she gives us, thru her bulbs, this wonderful gift of color, beauty and life ……. Thanks Mary… Happy Mothers Day. we miss you


Savannah, Georgia

A week or two ago we spent a few days in Savannah, Georgia.  Its historic district is compact, easy to walk and well worth getting lost in.   I was trying to seriously photograph the essence of the city and its history.  We had been there before but been rushed and had other commitments, so this time, it was just photography.  Well, we flew in late in the evening, got to the hotel, and flopped in bed.  Spent the next day scouting… and the next, and…well, just ran out of time…  As for the “essence” of the city – we were way over ambitious, even silly to think you could understand a city in two days…  Below is a photo of a man reading in Forsyth Park with a fountain in the background.


It is about as close as I came to understanding Savannah.  It is a city filled with historic buildings, monuments, parks and art but at the same time; it is a real honest working city, filled with people working, kids going to school, dump trucks, warts, churches and the homeless.  Buildings constructed in the 1700’s being used as offices, Victorian homes being lived in by families and romantic strolling going on in 300 year old parks. 

Millions of people come to this city to see the sites but the city didn’t go to the suburbs – it stayed put and lets the tourists watch.  

I will put up a gallery of the Savannah pictures - just wish we had more time   

Shorts and Old Men

There are certain among us (old men) who, now matter what the weather, what the event, or how inappropriate it is, must wear shorts. My theory is, it starts with being top heavy and having no hips or butt to keep full length pants from sliding down - they enjoy the feel of shorts and from there it just all goes wrong - they start wearing short out to dinner, to weddings and in the latter stages…. as shown below…shoveling snow

New Website

I moved to SquareSpace from my old site host. It has been a bit of a challenge to learn how to set this up and get it to work. I still expect to have some more problems but, so far, I am much happier with the whole experience here. I have put in two photo galleries, each with it’s own theme, and this place for my random comments and, or the picture of the day. Hopefully I will do a good job of rotating pictures thru the galleries and make some interesting posts -

So, on my way home from Portland, Oregon a couple of days ago, went through Warms Springs, crossed the Deschutes river bridge, almost home, and it was just too pretty not to stop, no matter how much I wanted to get home, I had to stop and take a picture. There is a reason we live here with the wind and the cold and the dry and the lack of fancy things…. It’s just a danged pretty place


Deschutes River

Just South of the Warm Springs bridge looking South at sunset with the Vernora Rim in the distance