Charles Leutwiler

I got started in photography as a wild eyed teenager. Built a darkroom, bought 100ft rolls of tri-x, put developer trays on turntables and dreamed of photographing beautiful women while driving Italian sports cars.

Of course, life has a reality element to it, so I headed in different directions, dreams evolved and somehow 40 years went by.

Now I take pictures for the pleasure of it, for that moment when you see something that reminds you of the gift of just being alive, to walk this earth and appreciate its wonders.

Part of the pleasure of photography is in the sharing and that is the reason for this website, also I do sell prints, and finished art pieces. I’m not big on marketing so I don’t usually sell at shows or parking lots - But I can custom make whatever you would like - Just, open the Contact Form Below and submit any questions, comments or even orders and I will personally contact you, Thanks ……Charlie